Courage To Come Back Awards Frequently-Asked Questions

Courage To Come Back Awards Nominations

How do I know who qualifies for a Courage To Come Back Award?

The person must be a resident of British Columbia and give consent to be nominated. Virtually anyone who has overcome difficulties and inspires you or others can be nominated. Visit the (nomination landing page) to read more about the process.

Does the person have to be living to be nominated for a Courage Award?


Can I nominate someone without telling them?

No, the person must agree to be nominated.

Can I nominate someone I don’t know, a celebrity or sports hero I admire?

You can, but it may be difficult for you to get their consent to be nominated.

What are the categories I can nominate someone in?

Addiction, Medical, Mental Health, Physical Rehabilitation, Social Adversity, and Youth. Youth nominees must be under 22 years of age as of December 31, 2015.

What is the last day I can submit a nomination?

The closing date for nominations is February 12, 2016.

Courage Nomination FormWhat if I don’t want to type into the online form?

You can click here to print a PDF of the form and simply follow the instructions.

If I send you the information or phone you, can you type it up for me?

Unfortunately due to limited staff time we cannot.

Do I have to buy a ticket to the gala dinner to nominate someone?

No. Nominations are free.

Can people be nominated again if they don’t win?

Yes, you can re-nominate someone next year. In fact, some people are nominated a few times before being chosen for an award.

Who selects the award recipients?

Several volunteer panels. No Coast staff member is allowed to vote.

What do the award recipients get?

Recipients receive, in addition to media exposure, a special vignette outlining their achievements and an award at the May 5th gala. After the gala, they receive a framed commemorative photograph and a DVD of the event.

Can I nominate someone who helped me through my illness/disability/addiction/life?

If they have helped someone to ‘come back’ they do not quality. It is the person who came back that qualifies for a Courage Award.

Can I nominate a group, organization or couple?

No, at this point we only accept nominations for individuals.

Can I nominate myself?


How much information do you need?

Just enough to tell the story. We don’t need a novel, but we need enough detail so that our independent volunteer panels can assess the submission. Each nomination must have at least 3 letters of support, and if you would like to send in copies of newspaper or online articles they will be added to the nomination form.

Do I have to tell all the details of the nominee’s life?

No, but we do need enough information to understand the nature of the illness, adversity or affliction. Honesty and corroboration are the best policy.

Can I send you my video / DVD / CD / book?

Not at this time. All materials must be able to be scanned.

Can I send in photos?

Yes but again they must be able to be scanned.

When are the award recipients chosen?

Every successful recipient will be contacted in late March. Unsuccessful nominees will receive a thank you letter and printed Certificate of Nomination in late March / early April.

If my name is chosen as a recipient, do I have to appear on television, radio and in print?

Yes, this is a requirement of receiving the award. There is no need to be nervous, however. The interviews are taped so you don’t have the worry of a live blooper, and yours is a ‘good news’ story so the reporters are friendly and sympathetic.

When is the gala dinner / awards presentation?

May 5, 2016 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

 To nominate someone who inspires you, visit