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Help courageous people overcome adversity and make a come back

Coast Mental Health is dedicating the month of July to Courage. During Courage To Come Back Month, the stories of five British Columbians who have overcome extraordinary adversity to come back and give back to their own communities will be celebrated.

Meet the Recipients of the 2020 Courage To Come Back Awards


Medical Category Recipient

Mariam (Shoogofa) Nasrri

She fled a war-torn country in search of safety, freedom and a chance for a new life…


Addictions Category Recipient

Amanda Staller

Cocaine, Crystal meth, heroin. An escape from her abusive past…

mental health Category Recipient

Corey Hirsch

He had it all: the money, the fame, the fast cars…

Physical Rehabilitation Category Recipient

Rumana Monzur

He tried to kill her when she returned to Bangladesh to ask him for a divorce…

Youth Category Recipient

Andrew Teel

‘Failure to Thrive’: the label he was given only months after he was born…

This year, we're doing things a little differently ... find out more from:

Lorne Segal

Chair of the Courage To Come Back Awards for 15 years

Todd Talbot & Sophie Lui

Presenting from the comfort of their homes

Coast Mental Health – an independent registered charity – is the largest provider of community-based services for people living with mental illness in British Columbia. Each year, many crucial programs are made possible through donors’ generous support at the annual Courage To Come Back Awards – which raised $2.5 million in 2019.

Your generosity  provides outreach services, housing support, food security, mental health support for youth and adults, peer support services, training and employment and many other programs that are vital to the long-term recovery of vulnerable people living with mental illness.

"We are dedicated to celebrating our incredible award recipients during this pandemic. Their stories are true journeys of bravery, resilience and strength in the face of adversity. They will leave you inspired and optimistic and will, I hope, become a weekly dose of Courage in your lives."
Lorne Segal
O.B.C., D.Litt. (Hon.), LL.D. (Hon.), President, Kingswood Properties Ltd. Founding Chair, We Day Vancouver Chair, Coast Mental Health – Courage To Come Back Awards

Celebrating Coast Mental Health's Front Line Workers

On any given day, Coast Mental Health has 525 staff members working on the front lines to keep people living with mental illness safe and supporting them on their journey to recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all our lives, and we’re proud of the incredible work of Coast Mental Health’s front-line heroes during this time. Every week, we’ll be highlighting the work of a Coast hero – please join us in celebrating their commitment to improving the lives of our vulnerable neighbours, even in the most challenging of times!








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To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the 22nd Courage To Come Back Awards, please contact Alyssa Goad.