Taylin McGill

@ Youth

“No Daddy, you don’t want this. This is mine. I never want you to have all these brain surgeries. I can do it.”

– Taylin, as a child, responding to her father’s wish to ease her struggle

When she was just ten days old, Taylin McGill contracted salmonella which led to bacterial meningitis – a rare and life-threatening brain infection. To recover from this devastating illness, and the resulting secondary infections and ongoing seizures, she endured 14 invasive but life-saving brain surgeries before she was eight. Her experiences led to damage to various parts of her brain and nervous system, affecting her ability to walk, speak, learn, and plan.

Taylin approaches rehabilitation with positivity, gratitude, and a sense of humour. Not one to complain about her challenges, she works hard to set and accomplish goals with the steadfast support of her loving family. Now 17, Taylin is working on managing continued seizures, and developing basic life skills: preparing breakfast, remembering directions, and staying on her own.

Although her recovery is a lifelong journey, Taylin finds joy in sharing her story through public speaking engagements to inspire others like her, and to raise funds in support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Taylin and her family have personally raised over $61,000 to help other children fulfil their hopes and dreams in the face of life-altering conditions. She spreads joy as a lively participant in the Delta Special Olympics Softball program, and was made the first-ever kid captain for the Vancouver Whitecaps. For her selfless generosity, community contributions, and strength of spirit, Taylin has received numerous awards. From her earliest days, Taylin has been resilient in the face of unthinkable hardship. She brings joy to everyone who meets her, and continually rises above her circumstance to make things better for her family and community.