Your Impact

Your Impact

Thanks to your generosity, thousands of people living with mental illness in BC can access the critical supports they need through Coast Mental Health. Your support allows people with mental illness to work towards more independent and fulfilling lives within the community, off the streets and out of hospital.

You give your vulnerable neighbours a home, access to evidence-based support services, a community and employment or education opportunities.

Here are three reasons for you to give today: 

Reason #1

The opioid epidemic is killing people. Harm reduction services can save lives

This year marks 5 years since a public health emergency for the opioid crisis was declared in B.C. But 5 people per day are still dying from illicit drug toxicity.

Substance use and mental illness are closely intertwined. Folks living with a mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance use problem than the general population.

In line with the rest of the province, the pandemic has caused significant increase in overdoses for Coast clients.

At high-risk facilities, supervised consumption rooms and safe supply of clean drugs, along with specialised clinics, are saving lives. Your support ensures we can continue to do that.

And, by helping to create a supportive community, you can have a direct impact on someone who is in recovery.

One such community is the St Helen’s Hotel, home to 25 high-risk young people. Thanks to you, St Helen’s has a dedicated Youth Social Worker, who facilitates an Oral Opioid Agonist Therapy Clinic (OAT) with safe supply, leading to marked improvements in clients’ health and lifestyle.

With an in-house clinic and wraparound supports, an average of 70% of people remain in therapy as opposed to 30% at three months of OAT.

“There’s an urgent need for community-based harm reduction strategies to support people with substance use disorders,” says Darrell Burnham, CEO, Coast Mental Health. “While many of our sites have harm reduction rooms and resources to support people with substance use disorders, it’s still not enough.”

You can ensure people in-need can access the community-based supports they need. Please donate today.

Reason #2

Peer Support Workers use their lived life experience to support others

Peer Support Workers are a crucial part of Coast Mental Health’s support infrastructure. Their work is only possible thanks to supporters like you.

They use their firsthand experiences of living with mental illness, and the challenges of recovery to support others. In turn, they gain employment skills and experience.

“I felt that I was in the stage of my recovery where I could start to make an impact on other people’s lives, like others had done with mine,” said Czarinna, a recent graduate.

She’s also the driving force behind an Art Recovery Group. Czarinna teaches art while checking in on clients’ mental health and providing support. “They can really let their guard down. I try really hard to make the place very safe and welcoming and accepting. That’s my main goal.”

You can ensure more people can receive direct care from a trusted peer, by donating today.

Reason #3

Cognitive Remediation Makes a Tangible Difference

One of the most debilitating parts of living with chronic mental illness and addiction can be the cognitive impact.

The ability to carry out simple tasks, remember, organise, reason and problem solve are severely affected. Your generosity has helped develop a unique combination of behavioural therapy, group support and fun as part of our Cognitive Remediation program.

When Herb began recovery from 18 years of addiction through the Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, he started brain training…and noticed improvement.

“We play games and complete worksheets to exercise our brain,” Herb explains. “During each group, I am using different parts of my brain. My memory has gotten much better, I have better coordination, and my thoughts are clearer!”

With your support, evidence-based cognitive programs can continue to help people like Herb heal.